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  • To view pictures: EYEBROWS Hair Transplant |
  • Most Effective Treatment for Baldness
    • compared with other options ranging from herbal to western medicine to non-surgical "hair system" (wigs).


  • Most Natural Appearance
    • since hair transplant uses your own genetically good hairs and transfers them to the area with hair deficiencies, you practically reclaim your own natural look before the hair loss.
    • since they are your own hairs, you can cut, perm, dye your transplanted hair without worries.


  • Successful Hair Transplant Procedure: involves
    • Good Anesthesia: our technique ensures you
      • are pain free.
      • do not require general anesthesia.
      • to receive only minimally required medication dose to keep you comfortable & relaxed without puting you to sleep.
    • Good Surgical Team:
      • highly-qualified doctor
      • well-trained surgical technicians
    • Highly Specialized Facility:
      • our hair transplant is performed at our own facility where we specialize in hair transplant surgery.
    • Good Surgical Planning: so not to waste your precious donor hair whether the procedure is:
      • Mega-Session with up to 3000 grafts or
      • Eyebrow Restoration or
      • Pubic Hair Restoration or
      • Correction of Old Punch Grafts
    • Harmonized Balance between the Type of Grafts: in order to utilize all your precious donor hairs, we uses all three types of grafts
      • Single-Hair graft
      • Follicular graft
      • Bi-Follicular graft

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